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CUSTOM FAB Trade Services was created by Greg Hunt, initially as a hobby carrying out various skilled projects including but not limited to custom modifications, fit outs and repairs on trailers, campers, agricultural equipment as well as various other projects involving landscaping, fencing, retaining walls.

It was quickly identified that a small market exists in providing customers solutions beyond something out of the box which required vision, design and installation experience.

The passion behind CUSTOM FAB Trade Services is solution based by providing suitable design options which are high in quality, long lasting and ultimately the right practical outcome for the Customer.

It makes perfect sense to get the design you are after, do the job properly, ensure the job is practicality designed and fit for purpose.

Your Idea…Your Design…Our Help…No Worries.

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Custom fabrication, repairs, installation, maintenance, custom landscaping, retaining walls

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CUSTOM FAB Trade Services provides Customers with cost effective options for repairs and modifications along with design and installation solutions.

We service the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Gympie and
Fraser Coast Regions